Alzheimers disease

I believe that Alzheimer’s, dementia, Autism and ASD are not isolated diseases, but rather symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease occurring in the brain due to chronic adrenal stress and a congested lymphatic system, reducing waste elimination from the brain resulting in protein plaque development, intestinal distress, modifications in the brain microbiome and genetic mutations. Here's why...


Alzheimer's is NOT a neurological disease!

Alzheimer's disease, dementia, autism, Multiple Sclerosis... all have the trademark presence of lesions, biofilms or amyloid plaque in the brain. Science has linked their presence to a failure of the lymphatic system (our waste removal system) to remove cellular waste and protein from the brain, causing acids to accumulate and ultimately burn tissue (creating lesions) or create quarantine-type protective biofilms and amyloid plaques.

So what is causing this failure within the lymphatic system? Chronic kidney disease!

The connection between kidney function and cognitive decline is heavily documented. Ali Gharavi, MD, associate professor of medicine at CUMC, associate director of the Division of Nephrology (the medical specialty which focuses on the kidneys), and an internist and nephrologist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital said “If a physician sees a child with a kidney malformation, that is a warning sign that the child has a genomic disorder that should be looked at immediately because of the risk of neurodevelopmental delay or mental illness later in life.” 

My friends here is possibly one of the most exciting and heart wrenching facts of medical science today...Sadly virtually everyone with cognitive decline is unaware that their symptoms are caused by a degree of (REVERSIBLE) kidney insufficiency. Most people unfortunately do not even know that they have a problem with their kidneys, yet it is all there confirmed in black and white on standard blood tests and overlooked by virtually every doctor, not because they are hiding anything from you, but because the science on this is so new that 99% of doctors are themselves unaware of this connection. The following information was published in the prestigious scientific revu Nature in 2018, it will change people's lives forever, I ask you to read it slowly;

“It has long been believed that kidney function is linked to brain activity... Moreover, the fact that cognitive function in CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) patients is significantly improved after successful kidney transplantation reveals a linkage between CKD and AD. However, the mechanisms behind this linkage are unclear.” Nature in 2018

You understood correctly, by improving the function of the kidneys cognitive function "significantly" improves! But you do not need to have a kidney transplant to benefit from this improvement, you can restore kidney function naturally. Cognitive decline is directly linked to kidney function and YOU control your kidney function. What is the unknown mechanism? The lymphatic system! But what is the underlying mechanism connecting the two? Sadly patients suffering from Alzheimer's and other disorders, like my mother did, do not know of this kidney-lymphatic-brain link to their cognitive decline, therefore they do not take any action to halt or reverse the decline. Just like cancer, and all other chronic disease there is an underlying factor that is currently being completed ignore, yet IT IS 100% PROVEN BY SCIENCE! Know what this factor is and how to control it and you can eliminate disease and control your health. 

Cognitive dysfunction is caused and reversed by the lymphatic system and the kidneys. However the hidden connection between the two to restore health is so incredible it could, in my opinion, pen the greatest love story of all time!

I lay out for you the entire kidney-lymphatic connection behind cognitive decline in my book.