The Ultimate Health Reset to THRIVE!

Learn the keys to your future health:

1. Optimal kidney function

2. The lymphatic system

3. The nervous system

4. Diet (detox/drainage, repair & reconstruction)

5. Rest, relaxation, sleep, happiness & movement

Health is a natural and normal phenomenon. It is not complicated, nor is it hard work. It is your natural state of being. Disease however occurs when something, or things go wrong.

Skin and digestive conditions, cancer, Alzheimers and other dementias, heart disease, infections, arthritis, osteoporosis... the list goes on, are ALL signs that something is going wrong in the body. NONE of these conditions are diseases as we are led to believe. They are ALL simple reversible consequences of a set process that occurs in the body when our body is forced to function in an abnormal manner over too many years from incorrect eating, life-style habits, environmental factors, toxins, lack of rest and stress. That is it!

You already know this and the proof is around us every day. By focusing on the tumor we are not curing cancer. By focusing on the memory we are not curing Alzheimers. By focusing on the blood vessels we are not curing heart disease. This theory is all wrong. It is time to change.

FACT - All disease occurs at the cell level, specifically the environment surrounding the cell - the interstitial fluid.


Just like a fish, the cell becomes sick when the water surrounding it becomes toxic. This  triggers changes in our microbiome, creates mineral deficiencies and genetic mutations due to MicroRNA signalling which modifies cell function. When cells falter over many years, tissue and organs falter, and later entire systems are unable to function correctly, be it the nervous system which leads to neurodegenerative conditions or the immune system which leads to auto-immune diseases or the digestive system which may lead to digestive stress, mineral deficiences and the breakdown of the intestinal tract. 

The dis-ease experienced that we know as "symptoms" are not the disease, they are consequences of the breakdown in cellular function that began decades earlier.

The disease process is always the same. It is a 5 phase process. If you do not correct these 5 phases, the disease process will not be reversed. If you do, health and vitality are restored.

The 5 phases to disease

1. Kidney damage

2. Lymphatic congestion

3. Interstitial acidosis

4. Mineral deficiencies, alterations in the microbiome, genetic mutations/expressions, chronic inflammation...

5. The appearance of symptoms, which depend on where these changes occur and their nature.

The 5 phases to health

1. Correct diet, life-style choices, all environmental triggers possible, eliminate toxins...

2. Hydrate the lymph

3. Drain the acids from the interstitial fluid

4. Restore kidney function

5. Re-construct and repair damaged tissue

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