The END of disease



I believe science has confirmed that the origin of all disease is primarily energy deficiency caused by the dehydration, congestion and obstruction within all body fluids. This is known as a hypertonic state. The dehydration and congestion of the lymphatic system, leads to a state of interstitial acidiosis, whereby the cells are not only dehydrated, they are now swimming in their own toxic acidic waste. This causes changes in the internal microbiome, chronic inflammation, genetic mutations and mineral deficiencies seen in every disease. This is all due to chronic physical, chemical and emotional stresses that damage our kidneys,

specifically the kidney tubules; the body's water recycling unit. 


Knowing exactly how and why this is happening will allow you to reverse the process. It is perhaps not what you have heard before, but it is very real and works! It information is life changing and will restore your health so that you may thrive once more.

100% confirmed by science and modern medicine.

It is time for learn the truth; Disease as we are lead to believe does NOT exist.


Science has proven that YOU CAN eliminate cancer, Alzheimer's, Heart disease, respiratory/skin and digestive conditions, eliminate immune disorders and THRIVE once more, NOT by focusing on disease, but by restoring health. In less than three weeks your health and vitality can be dramatically improved naturally (no costs, pills or clinics needed). All it takes is for you to make the decision to do so, and begin to take the right action to ensure your results.  It could not be more simple! BUT first you will need to understand why we get sick, fat and tired in order to reverse the process. All 100% confirmed by science.

The Ultimate Health Reset for all disease is cheap, fast, natural, safe and effective.

The side effects? Clear youthful skin and hair, improved circulation, more energy, clear thinking, happiness, weight loss and well-being, pain elimination and health restoration.


There is just one disease process, just as there is only one health. Health and disease are simply the consequence of the appropriate or inappropriate actions we take or are exposed to every second of every day; the key is that actions accumulate and every action counts. A disease is not a predetermined, irreversible condition that you just have to live with. Disease evolves negatively or positively depending on whether you continue to expose yourself to the very factors that created the disease state. Repetitive good actions create health and repetitive bad actions create accelerated aging and disease.


There is a break down process that occurs in the body for which there are many triggers, but only one origin. Over time this breakdown process leads to changes in our physiology, which express themselves as symptoms; symptoms of disease or signs of accelerated aging. All chronic disease stems from the same origin. There are not 1,000 different diseases requiring 1,000 different treatments as we are being led to believe.


Personal and national economies are being destroyed by the cost of "Healthcare" which works only at managing your demise when cheap, safe and truely effective options are available. It is time that we realized that we can eliminate disease and restore our health.





I was "just fine", but nearly dead!

I have been a professional artist for over 20 years. My mother received a diagnostic of Alzheimer's Disease that made no sense to me, so I began studying. With a full time job and raising two small children alone, plus my studies in Physiology and Anatomy at night, and I became VERY run down. 11 trips to the ER, ambulances in the drive way and stories that seem too surreal to be true led me to independant research with clear, confirmed answers! I wanted to save my mother from I fate I understood too well was not her own. I was thrilled but my findings were refused by family yet confirmed by the doctors. Yet no change in protocol was made.


The story was one of heart break, life and death moments and a solution that came from a place no one could have imagined. Yet there it was, in black and white and confirmed 10 years later: Alzheimer's Disease is nothing more than a symptom of advanced kidney disease! No-one dies of Alzheimer's, they all however die of kidney failure and there is a very, very clear reaon why. 10 years late my document was deemed correct. But my mother was gone. Another statistic or a beacon in the night shining her story on humanity for all others to see and learn from? Alzheimer's is the world's most feared disease yet it CAN BE PREVENTED, STOPPED AND REVERSED if only you understand how! Some call Alzheimer's Type 3 diabetes, others call it the "rich person's disease", I call it a symptom of Kidney failure, and that my dear friends is REVERSIBLE at ANY stage and this is 100% proven by science! With 1 in 2 people estimated to develop Alzheimer's it is time to expose the truth about Alzheimer's! You are i for the ride of your life!


This book exposes the true, scientifically confirmed origin, process and solution behind cancer, Alzheimer's, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease... It is time to learn everything that you need to know that nobody has yet told you.